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Only Biocompatibility Testing

There is a lot of research and analysis going in the testing industry which questions, the way most biocompatibility service providers work. Biocomptesting.com believes in delivering super specialized and niche services focused only on biocompatibility testing. Unlike other service providers who are offering a broad umbrella of services, we position ourselves as one stop solution for biocompatibility only.

Our core ideology is attaining excellence with specialization in one service and be a leader. We do not have any diverting interests and hence channelize all our resources for biocompatibility testing only. It’s not just about quality but also efficiency that substantially reduces your testing cost. We have the larger picture in mind that our services will finally converge towards you, launching a device in the market faster. We have successfully delivered sizeable projects for Class I to Class III devices. Biocomptesting aims at the following measures:

  • Scientific, sound and controlled testing methodology based on FDA G95-Memorandum and ISO-10993 standards
  • Customization of testing based on the device Class I to III
  • Effectively and efficiently deal with multitude of challenges that arise during testing
  • Objective, relevant and insightful test data analysis and reporting
  • Logical, detailed and thorough presentation of biocompatibility testing data